Next Generation Secure Web Gateway

Embracing the current paradigm shift from simple URL filtering to comprehensive malware protection, the Check Point Secure Web Gateway provides an intuitive solution that enables secure use of Web 2.0 with real time multi-layered protection against web-borne malware, largest application coverage in the industry, advanced granular control, intuitive centralized management, and essential end-user education functionality.

Blocks access to malware infested websites and usage of high risk applications

    • Real-time URL updates from cloud-based categorization blocks access to millions of malware and phishing websites
    • Granular application control using the largest app library (4800+ apps) blocks usage of dangerous apps or specific features
    • Constantly updated antivirus signatures from global network of sensors and industry’s best malware feeds prevent infections caused by malicious web downloads

Prevents malware infections and post-infection damage with multi-layered security

  • Multi-layered security identifies malware using ThreatCloud™ global security intelligence
  • Post-infection detection and containment with an optional anti-bot solution
  • Prevents browser and application vulnerability exploits with an optional NSS Labs top-rated IPS


Enhances operational efficiency with expertise and best-of-breed security management

  • Single policy for unified application control and URL filtering
  • Intuitive event analysis using granular reports and forensics tools
  • Deploy using dedicated appliances from branch office to large enterprise

Check Point Appliance Brochure


Unified Security Policy
Traditional internet security requires establishing policies for each element of securing the web. Check Point’s Web Security Gateway Appliance is the only solution to offer unified control over all websites, web applications, users and machines. This significantly reduces the complexity of securing the internet and enables organizations to more easily and cost-effectively implement and enforce corporate security policies.

Stop incoming malicious files at the gateway before the user is infected with real-time virus signatures and anomaly-based protections from ThreatCloud, the first collaborative network to fight cybercrime. Identify over 9 million signatures and 900,000 malicious websites with a constantly updated world-wide network of sensors that provide ongoing malware intelligence.

Application Control
Control access to over 4,800 applications and 240,000 social network widgets with the industry’s largest application coverage. Create granular security policies based on users or groups to identify, block or limit usage of web applications and widgets like instant messaging, social networking, video streaming, VoIP, games and more. Enable business while ensuring security.

Anti-bot (Optional)
Extend your Secure Web Gateway to identify infected hosts and prevent bot damage. Detect infected hosts, accurately identify bot outbreaks, block bot communication between infected hosts and remote operator, and receive up-to-the minute bot intelligence from the ThreatCloud knowledge base.

Engage and educate users about corporate policy and internet safety without involving IT personnel with a real-time pop-up agent that offers users advice and the opportunity to reconsider current online activities. Engaging users in the decision-making process increases awareness which can help organizations mitigate the security risks associated with enterprise internet use.

Quickly stop critical security events and add on-the-fly protections with our unified security event management. SmartEvent correlates all the activity from your Check Point products and 3rd party devices and provides a security timeline including trends, statistics and maps for a detailed snapshot of your security status. Leverage offline reporting and numerous pre-defined security events plus an event-wizard to customize your own events. Schedule and email offline reports, in PDF, HTML or excel format, of top used applications and accessed sites, detailed user Web activity and more.

URL Filtering
Control access to millions of web sites by category, users, groups and machines with cloud-based technology that is constantly updated with new websites to support employee productivity and security policy. Block access to entire websites or just pages within, and set enforcements by time allocation or bandwidth limitations. Maintain a list of accepted and unaccepted website URLs to fine tune security policies.

Real-time protection information delivered to the Secure Web Gateway. Dynamically updated, using a worldwide network of threat sensors, this is the first real time collaborative network to effectively fight cybercrime.

IPS (Optional)
NSS Labs top-rated IPS Software Blade delivers complete and proactive intrusion prevention. Ranked #1 in Microsoft and Adobe threat coverage 3 years in a row, it secures your network by timely and effectively preventing browser and application vulnerability exploits.

Inspect SSL Encrypted Traffic
Scan and secure SSL encrypted traffic passing through the gateway. When traffic is passing through, the gateway decrypts the traffic with the sender’s public key, inspects and protects, then re-encrypts, sending the newly encrypted content to the receiver. Granularly define exceptions for SSL inspection to protect user privacy and comply with corporate policy. Some encrypted content passing through the gateway should not be inspected, and therefore can be bypassed with a simple administrator policy definition.

Integrated Security Management
Unified security management simplifies the monumental task of managing growing threats, devices and users. Our comprehensive, centralized security management system controls all Check Point gateways and Software Blades from SmartDashboard. The intuitive graphical user interface enables IT managers to easily manage a wide set of security management functions.

Multiple Deployment Options
Check Point Secure Web Gateway has flexible deployment options to support a multitude of business needs and sizes including inline installation as well as the option to set your gateway to act as a proxy.

Check Point Appliance Brochure